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Privacy Policy
Last modified 22nd January 2016
1. Scope
This privacy policy covers your usage of and interactions with this website. The data controller responsible for this website is CPS Services. If you have any questions in relation to our use of your details, write to us at address.
2. Data collected by third parties
This website is hosted by Limited. The Limited privacy policy, which can be viewed at, applies to this site.
3. Access to and sharing of data
In addition to any circumstances described below, we may share any data we collect if we are required to share data with the legal authorities to fulfil our obligations under the law of England and Wales.
If we wish to access or share your data in any way not described in this privacy policy, we will contact you beforehand and only proceed with your explicit consent.
4. Data we collect and how we use it
When submitting a form on this website, the submitted data is sent to us.
5. Changes to this privacy policy
We may occasionally make changes to this privacy policy. Following any changes, the date at the top of the privacy policy will be updated. If any change allows for the wider access to or sharing of data, such changes will only apply to data collected after the date of the updated privacy policy.
1 All quotations are subject to confirmation by CPS SERVICES LTD (The Firm) on receipt of an 
order from the customer. 
2 The value of any variations to the work ordered to be carried out by the firm shall be added to the price stated in the firms quotation. 
3 Work in any occupied or unoccupied building will be carried out by the firm on the basis that the customer will protect his/her own carpets and furnishings, floor coverings and all other property from all damage. 
4 Title to all materials used or intended for use in any contract carried out by the firm shall not pass from the firm to any customer until the receipt by the firm of all sums due in respect of the work and this clause shall apply to all materials whether or not incorperated in any structure of which the work forms part. 
5 Payment in respect of all contract works shall become due on completion after receipt by the 
customer of the firms invoice in respect of the contract works. Payment shall be made promptly. 
We reserve the right to recover reasonable costs incurred up to the point of cancellation. 
On larger contract works payments will be made in stages including a final stage payment. 
6 The firm reserves the right to use materials from an alternative manufacturer in the event of materials specified being unavailable. 
7 The firm will not be responsible for an existing system and / or its performance before, during and after any work is carried out and reserves the right to inspect an existing system before work commences. 
8 Any making good of any walls, floors , ceilings or any structure of the property before, during or after the contracts works will be made good by the customer at his / her own cost unless otherwise quoted for by the firm. 
9 The firm will invalidate any guarantee on goods, materials or workmanship where payment is not received in full and within the firms terms as stated above. 
10 If payment is not received upon completion the firm may not be able to offer a certificate of competence from the Registered Body on work that has been carried out. 
11 Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer (Details upon request). 
12 These terms do not affect your statutory rights.